Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 Ways to Speed up Netflix Streaming

Netflix is an on-demand streaming media site that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for its users. Some users have complained that while they stream videos they have trouble doing it. The problems are of different types and with many issues related to speed and quality, here are some easy ways to help you get rid of them.

Netflix Tech Support

1.    Upgrade your internet plan

The speed at which Netflix videos stream greatly depends on the speed of the internet connection you are possessing. So, if you upgrade it the speed of the streaming of the videos would also increase. You can also call Netflix technical support and get instant help. 

2.    Check and control usage of bandwidth data

When you are streaming videos, check and stop using the bandwidth data for other purposes like online backup applications, cloud applications and software updates and so on. This will speed up the streaming.

3.    Empty the temp files

The temporary directories hold many files storing and buffering streaming data. This sometimes affects the speed at which your computer works. Deleting the temporary files in there will increase the speed of streaming of the Netflix videos. 

4.    Optimize your internet settings

Your internet has many features enabled which use up bandwidth data and slow down video streaming. Go for good internet optimization utility and download, install and run it. Select your current internet speed, click ‘analyze’ and choose ‘optimized internet’ in the confirmation box. 

5.    Update Microsoft Silverlight plugin

For improving the quality of video and streaming speed, update Microsoft Silverlight plugin. It will definitely speed up Netflix streaming.

If you find that all the above tips are not working or maybe there is not much difference in the speed, call Netflix technical support phone number to get instant assistance from expert technicians.

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